New Residential or Commercial Carpet in Thousand Oaks, California

Caesar Carpets is your local Thousand Oaks area new flooring contact. We have thousands of different types of flooring to choose from. Everything from linoleum and carpet, to tile and hardwood flooring, is on display at our warehouse. Our staff is home to experts not just in installation, but also in the design aspect of flooring as well. We understand the local Thousand Oaks area climate and how it affects certain flooring types, and can use this knowledge to offer you a lifetime guarantee on any installation that we do.

  • We Have Over Ten-Thousand Types and Styles of Flooring
  • We Have the Lowest Prices Anywhere Around Thousand Oaks Guaranteed
  • We Have a Lifetime Guarantee on All Our Installations
  • We Have Been Locally Serving Thousand Oaks Since 1972


Flooring Installed by Professional Carpet Installers in Thousand Oaks

Did you know that linoleum is made from all natural materials? Linoleum is actually created by the assembly of a few raw renewable materials such as linseed oil, jute, wood flour, and cork flour. Added all together, linoleum is that next step towards environment friendly construction that your Thousand Oaks home has been missing. Linoleum is also completely recyclable, so even if you are simply replacing the old flooring in your Thousand Oaks home, Caesar Carpets will make sure we impact the environment as little as possible.

Tile flooring is another great way to improve the look and style in your Thousand Oaks home. Many people have tile floors in their bathrooms, but have never even thought about getting tile flooring in their kitchen, entryway, or patio. However, tile flooring is the perfect choice for many of the high wear areas in your home, due to its extremely resilient nature and ability to maintain its beauty, even after being heavily used.

Caesar Carpets has hundreds of different types of tile flooring for you to choose from. We have everything from natural stone tile, to hardy porcelain tile, and can help you decide what the perfect fit is for your flooring needs.

Our flooring experts will help provide you with all the information that you need to make the best flooring decision for your Thousand Oaks home or office, and then install it and stamp it with a lifetime installation guarantee.

At Caesar Carpets we wont stop until we know you are happy, and believe that it is truly through the happiness of our customers that we will continue to grow our company.