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Caesar Carpets

601 Moorpark Avenue
Moorpark, CA 93021


Tel: 805-523-8242
Fax: 805-523-9929
Toll Free: 1-888-519-1999




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Design Tip Ideas that you can use

Translucent, see-through colors are big these days, milky greens and frosted blues showing up on everything from desk accessories to kitchen appliances. How do you achieve that luminous color effect on a larger scale? Simple. Pick a lighter shade of your chosen green or blue as a base coat to paint on the wall. Then glaze over it with a slightly darker shade, mixed with Benjamin Moore’s® Glazing Liquid—for a more translucent look, use more glazing liquid; for a more opaque effect, use less. Dab or blot off the excess with cheesecloth or sponges. The light undercoat showing through creates a luminous, glowing effect that’s appealing and contemporary.