New Carpet Store in Simi Valley, California

New carpet or new hardwood flooring can make any old house or office seem new. It can add that extra style appeal that helps your home stand apart in today’s market, or it can help you express your own personal tastes in a home you intend to live in for years to come.

Simi Valley has many homes that are still using the same carpet that they had installed when they were built. And one thing is true with contractor grade carpet: it is designed to look good until after the home is sold. If you are sick and tied of looking at wear trails and stains in your carpet, you need to call the experts at Caesar Carpets.

Caesar Carpets has served the local Simi Valley area since 1972, and provided them with a highly experienced carpet and hardwood flooring expert that doesn’t just try and sell them on one particular brand. We have over 10 Thousand different brands, styles, and colors of carpet, hardwood flooring, tile, linoleum, and laminate.

  • Thousands of Flooring Choices
  • Locally Serving Simi Valley
  • Vested in the Simi Valley Area Since 1972
  • Lifetime Guarantee on All Installations


Flooring Installed in Simi Valley • Carpet, Slate, Tile & Hardwood

Our local experience in the Simi Valley area helps us prefect our lifetime guaranteed installations, and better understand how to recommend the perfect carpet or hardwood flooring choice for you.

Perhaps you have a carpet that you like, but it just isn’t as soft and comfortable to walk on as you had envisioned for your Simi Valley home. Caesar Carpets can help pick out the perfect carpet pad to back up your carpet. We can help add that soft comfortable feeling that you’ve been missing.

Caesar Carpets is also proud to be the local Simi Valley area hardwood flooring expert. In addition to our hundreds of different styles, species, and looks of hardwood flooring, we also have a lifetime guarantee on all our installations. When you combine this with our reputation as the best sales and installation for hardwood flooring anywhere around the Simi Valley area, you can rest assured that your home is in good hands.

Let Caesar Carpets help take care of all of your Simi Valley hardwood flooring needs. We have hundreds of both prefinished and unfinished hardwood flooring styles.

Call Caesar Carpets today and let us show you why we are Simi Valley’s best choice for all their flooring needs.